Czechia-based Trilobite is back in the US market with a new pair of riding jeans designed for the US market. The new Matador Monolayer jeans are designed with Trilobite’s new single-layer fabric, and were made specifically with the comfort that US riders wanted.

New materials

First, let’s take a look at the new fabric. Trilobite calls this Tri-Stretcher Pro 5.0 Denim. It’s a blend of three synthetic polymer fibers, with nylon and aramid base. The fabric is stretchy and breathable, with a denim look. It’s EN 17092 AAA-certified, meaning that people smarter than you or I have scientifically proven it’ll reduce your risk of road rash in a crash. And because it uses monolayer construction, you don’t get the annoyance of extra patches of fabric sewn into the insides of the pants—a constant annoyance on older, cheaper designs, and also a big problem if you think about it, since the parts without patches are not as protected in a crash.

CE Level 2 pads for hip and knee are also included, for some protection against impact.


Trilobite Designed New Matador Monolayer Riding Jeans For The US Market Trilobite®